Hyper Media Publishing

Generic Websites is operated by Evolvnt LLC and offers Hyper Media publishing and Website Consulting.

Generic Websites

Never perfect, never polished.

Generic Websites are run of the mill websites. Simple entry level code and content to get the ball rolling. Building a web presence is a progressive process that takes time. The first stage is getting involved in the process. Don’t believe the hype, hyperbole is for suckers.

Website Consulting

Understanding your target audience is step one.

Truthful content and good graphics or photo images is step two.

Realizing that giants like Google are the gatekeepers of search engine technology is step three.

That’s free advice, now it is time for your own due diligence.

Not for Hire

Due to our remote working environment and travel obligations Generic Websites is not accepting gigs at this time.

Our Tools

For content management we are partial to the WordPress offerings, one – two – three page sites are built with basic hypermedia code such as html and css. Mobile accessible sites have become necessary so we build responsive websites.